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Our Story

Tiny Homes Christchurch

In the Beginning

Our Story - Cottage Co ChristchurchWe are proud to say that we have specialised in the transportable cottage business for three generations. From grandfather, to father, to son.

Our story started back in 1952 when DA Newell Builders was established and built transportable cottages predominantly for farms all over Canterbury. The very first cottage was delivered to Geraldine.

The Newell Originals were so sought after in their day that production couldn’t keep up with the demand, with some clients prepared to wait up to 18 months for delivery.

Most of these deals were sealed with a good old fashioned handshake. Over the years continued development and design have taken place to accommodate changing trends.

The Next Generation

Our Story - Cottage Co ChristchurchOn DA’s retirement the second generation have continued with the reputation established for honesty and integrity. With Warren Newell at the helm, and his brother Gavin Newell as head builder. Over the years with a continued focus on improvement, quality and craftsmanship – The Commemorative Series was born.

The Commemorative Series bring together the ‘best of both worlds’. The elegance and charm of yesteryear merging with modern design and convenience. Warren is truly in his element when sharing his many stories of happy clients and showing interested people through the show homes displayed at the building yard.

Providing a quality product that he knows will make people happy for many years to come, is what keeps his drive and passion for his transportable cottage design as fresh as it was when he started out.

And Now

Our Story - Cottage Co ChristchurchIn more recent times Warren’s son Lance has even managed to convince his Australian wife Katie to move back from the other side of the ditch so as to continue building these unique cottages.

And with Gavin’s son Ethan now also working alongside his uncle, cousin and father – Cottage Co has truly has become a family business.

In this way, Cottage Co isn’t just a business to us, it is a way of life. It is a passion. One that has already seen grandfather, son, grandson and potential great-grandson proudly produce transportable cottages with elegance and character for decades.

Find out More about Our Story

We know you will love our story and our cottages as much as we do, so save yourself a lot of time and visit us for a walk through our show homes today. To find out about our inclusions have a look at what’s included, or to discover how it all comes together you can read about the entire process from start-to-finish. If you’d rather speak to one of our highly experienced team contact us on, or simply fill out an instant quote request and we’ll follow up with you.