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Little River


Initially we were looking at a 2 bedroom cottage for my mother to enjoy for independent living on our Banks Peninsula property, due to my father entering full time care her steadfast refusal to consider any form of care for herself. However after the first site visit, accompanied by the transport company Mackleys, it was patently obvious access limitations required thinking caps be reapplied.

To cut a long story very short, the wonderful personalities within this long established family business facilitated the huge mental leap for my mother to consider the 1 bedroom option. Needing more space for ‘stuff’ and a 16 year old Burmese, an additional Studio unit was ordered. All steps along the way were superbly directed by Katie with fastidious and timely communication helping my Mother make necessary decisions, but most importantly, feel very special at every step of the way. Everything was simply perfect, and made trouble free – except for the Bureaucrats!

I take my hat off to Selwyn District Council who outperformed CCC (where the structures are ultimately situated). Pathetic little unnecessary processes within the CCC caused a period of grief until a decent fellow within the Planning Department started exercising common sense and ‘went into bat for us’. Do NOT be bullied by the bureaucrats who can inadvertently stifle good business and innovation.

What was particularly nice about all the dealings with this project, is the multi-generational participation and goodwill throughout. The younger family members displaying a refreshing passion for taking this enterprise to a new level. The interactive dynamic of them all seems unique. Also a special acknowledgment to the young lady builder, Caroline, who basically built everything and finished to a really impressive standard.

My mother has settled well into her new ‘Granny’ cottage environment, and even today stated “I love it”. Thus ensuring she does not need to contemplate alternate ‘care options’ for some while yet. Well done Cottage Co. and thank you!

Little River